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+ What is CultivAPP?

CultivAPP is a mobile application, which means it is developed for use in smartphones and tablets.. CultivAPP is designed for an easy use in these devices, and so it can be used anywhere, eg inside a greenhouse or in open field.

+ What is it for?

CultivAPP is a mobile application designed to log and track the daily activities of a farm. It is a tool to help in decision-making, to improve communication between farmers, advisors and agri companies, and to help ensure food security and the adoption of best practices.

CultivAPP allows a detailed control of all the activities that a farmer performs on a farm, centrally collecting all the information that is generated, and visually presenting that information to help management and decision-making. CultivAPP can also share real-time information with advisors, and with the agri companies, and interact with them, so the advice that a farmer receives is immediate and professional.

+ It is Free?

There are two version of CultivAPP: a Freemium version, which is intended for individual producers, and that allows to manage a limited number of fields and crops, and a Professional version, intended for advisors and agri companies. This professional version requires the purchase of a License, and offers the user a greater number of tools and features.

+ What features offers the Professional version?

Besides all the basic tools that offers the Freemium version, the Professional version of CultivAPP includes a number of additional features:

  • Manage your database of farmers, and control who is producing for your company.
  • Manage your advisors, and assign them to your farmers, so they can share advice with them.
  • Control the activities of your farmers in real-time.
  • Exclusive access to a dedicated Web Portal, that is synchronized with the mobile app.
  • Advanced management of the fields.
  • Advanced treatment management. Send treatments to your farmers, directly to their smartphones or tablets.
  • Person to person communication and massive communication. Contact all your farmers with a single click.
  • Advanced Management of Field Notebooks. Generate, without limitations, field notebooks for any farmer at any time.
  • New!: CultiSIG (R), a complete GIS system that allows you to geolocate your fields and make queries directly on the map.
+ How can I use CultivAPP?

To use CultivAPP you don't need to invest in expensive equipments. You only need a smartphone or a tablet.

Your don't need need to perform any complicated installation, just download the application directly on your phone or tablet, and it will automatically be installed quickly and easily.

+ Where can I download CultivAPP?

CultivAPP is available for Android and iOS operating systems. Each operating system has its own marketplace. In the case of Android, called it is "Google Play"; in the case of iOS, it is called "Apple Store".

To download CultivAPP, make sure your phone or tablet has any of these operating systems, and simply go to the main page and click on the icon Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (iOS) and you can start downloading the app.

+ Who develops CultivAPP?

CultivAPP has been developed by Inventia Agrárica SL. In Inventia Agrárica we provide high-tech solutions for next-generation mobile devices. Our services include the development of apps for Smartphones and Tablets, and expert advice on new technologies related to food, agronomic, clinical and environmental sectors. We have important own developments, and offer the possibility of developing apps tailored to our customers. We focus on R & D + i, developing our products and services with the latest technologies available on the market.


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